Bob Dylan has been a huge influence of ours and has given the name to the band the BTMO sprung out from and to our debut album. So as a tribute on Bob Dylans 70th birthday here’s a cover – Going, Going, Gone


The shows in June…

will only be the one in Singwitz at Kesselhaus LAGER (25/6) and the one in Grosshennersdorf at Kunstbauerkino (24/6).

There will be some more shows in Germany in november and what we know now is that we’ll be visiting Hamburg and Chemnitz.



If there’s anyone who has some photos of one of our shows would you be so kind a send us some of then?

Best regards


So here’s a summary of the old post on the website and the blog:

We’re currently booking gigs for the June-tour. It’ll be a small tour with with two or three gigs. So far we have gigs in Grosshennersdorf and Singwitz and you’ll find where and when under SHOWS. We’re also going to play at Malmöfestivalen this year and we’ll be back with more info about that as soon as we know more about it.

We are also booking a tour in november this year and at this moment we have one show in Hamburg and one show in Chemnitz and we hope to have some new songs recorded until then.

Live from Kick-Start nov 2010 (Video)

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve started to work with Patchanka Booking Agency and are glad to be a part of the Patchanka family.

And here’s a couple of links to articles and stuff:
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In january Henning did a small solo tour as supporting act for our dear friends in Golden Kanine in Hannover, Cologne and Marburg and in february we did a small tour in Erfurt, Berlin, Marburg and Leipzig.

New website

We’ll post a sumary of all the old posts real soon so no information will be lost