Roadtracks magazine

We got some coverage in Roadtracks Magazine with some photos from our show in Bonn at Fabrik 45 last fall

Video session from Bonn last fall

Bring the Mourning on – Escape [Couchrocker-Bus-Session] from Mantram Video on Vimeo.

Tour summary

Well, we’re back in Malmö after some days on the road and here’s a short summary of what happened during our days in Germany.

First up was Rostock and MAU Club. Very nice venue, with nice crowd and a perfect start of the tour. Next was Cottbus and Fango, nice place with sand as floor.

After that we went to Dresden and played at Blue Note. We met up with some dear friends, had a full house and had the best breakfast of the tour with our dear friends and their friends.

From Dresden we went to Göttingen to play at Hostell 37 and to hang out with the Obscure Concerts crew again. Super nice as always.

Next stop was Hamburg and Astra-Stube, had a fantastic dinner at a Pakistani restaurant and hung out with some old friends.

From Hamburg the road took us to Hannover and Cafe Glocksee and had one of the best times of the tour. Great food, great sound and always nice to sleep at Ralfs place.

With Hannover in our backpack we took our stuff and went to Husum to play a living room concert. We had a great evening and played completely acoustic for the first time on tour.

After Husum we drove some country roads and they led to Bremerhaven and Pferdestall and Pferdestall is always nice.

After Pferdestall it was time for the last concert of the tour and this tour the last show was at Music Star in Norderstedt. We had strange stage sound but a fantastic crowd and a super ending to a great tour.

Thanks everyone for coming to our shows and supporting us. We will take a short break to recover and when new stuff is happening we will let you know.

Winter tour

In one month we hit the autobahn again and tour Germany for a couple of days. There are still some details to be set but most of it is done and this is what it looks like:

12/2 – Rostock – M.A.U Club
13/2 – Cottbus – Fango
14/2 – Dresden – Blue Note
15/2 – Göttingen – Hostel 37
16/2 – Hamburg – Astra-Stube
17/2 – Hannover – Cafe Glocksee
18/2 – Husum – Livingroom show
19/2 – Bremerhaven – Pferdestall
20/2 – Norderstedt – Music Star

Hope to see you there!

Photos from Glimps Festival

Here are some photos taken at our show at Lakenmeterhuis during Glimps Festival

Belgium here we come

So in less then two weeks we’ll be heading to Belgium and Glimps festival. You will find us at the Lakenmeterhuis at 20.50. Here’s the full schedule

Hope to see you there!

Photos from Club Manufaktur

Photos by Tobias Sauer

Couchrocker video session from Bonn

The day after we played at Fabrik 45 in Bonn we did a small acoustic session in an old bus, and this is what came out of it (at least one of the songs)


Glimps festival

We just got back from our tour in Germany and it was really nice to see both some familiar faces and new faces. Now we are geting back on the road again and heading down to Belgium to be a part of Glimps Festival on the 13 december. So swing by if you happen to be in Ghent on this date!

Tour dates

Our autumn tour is getting closer and we can’t wait to hit the roads again. So we hope you’ll join us at the following places:

23/10 – Berlin – Duncker Club
24/10 – Bonn – Fabrik 45
25/10 – Mainz – Schon Schön
26/10 – Nürnberg – Bedroomdisco
27/10 – Hannover – Kulturpalast Linden
28/10 – Bernburg – Hotel Wien
29/10 – Chemnitz – Aaltra
30/10 – Schorndorf – Manufaktur
31/10 – Cadenberge – House show

See you soon!