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On Track

About a year ago we recorded three new songs on a recording session on a boat in Liège. Two of them have been released in one or the other way and now it’s time for the third. This song is called On Track and are being released to celebrate the fact that it’s five years ago since we put out our first album – Going Going Gone – via Stargazer Records.



We wrote, recorded and produced a new song called Hide exclusively for Repartiseraren and Ljudkalendern and it was released yesterday.


Earlier this year we met up with Tobias Åström from HYMN and had a little video session. We ended up filming a new song called Leaning In and you can check it out down below

Bring The Mourning On – 2016-01-17 from HYMN on Vimeo.

The Storm is over

The track Storm is no longer avaiable for either streaming nor download until it’s released in some form further down the line

Pictures, pictures and pictures

Some pictures from our autumn tour

Krefeld @ Kulturrampe

Dortmund @ FZW

Seen and Not Seen tour diary

Back home…

Back home, tired and happy. We’ve had a blast and it’s all because of you who attended, booked, set up and made our shows happen. We will take a short and well deserved break and will be back when there’s something that needs to be told, showed or heard.



Autumn (tour) is here

Autumn is upon us and so are the annual BTMO autumn tour as well. It’s not all set but will be updated until it’s all done. At the moment it looks as following:

23/10 – Rotterdam – Grounds (with Marc O’Reilly)
25/10 – Apeldoorn – Gigant
26/10 – Ghent – Cafe Video
27/10 – Liege – La Legia
28/10 – Dortmund – FZW (with Chantal Acda)
29/10 – Erlangen – Free Willy
30/10 – Krefeld – Kulturrampe

Hope to see you there!

Video session from Bonn last fall

Bring the Mourning on – Escape [Couchrocker-Bus-Session] from Mantram Video on Vimeo.

Winter tour

In one month we hit the autobahn again and tour Germany for a couple of days. There are still some details to be set but most of it is done and this is what it looks like:

12/2 – Rostock – M.A.U Club
13/2 – Cottbus – Fango
14/2 – Dresden – Blue Note
15/2 – Göttingen – Hostel 37
16/2 – Hamburg – Astra-Stube
17/2 – Hannover – Cafe Glocksee
18/2 – Husum – Livingroom show
19/2 – Bremerhaven – Pferdestall
20/2 – Norderstedt – Music Star

Hope to see you there!

Belgium here we come

So in less then two weeks we’ll be heading to Belgium and Glimps festival. You will find us at the Lakenmeterhuis at 20.50. Here’s the full schedule

Hope to see you there!